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Thursday, August 11th, 2022   |   Español

Some Scream for [Heteronormative] Ice Cream

I Scream! You Scream! We all scream! Over ice cream. Over the past several days, a number of seemingly homophobic tweets from Garrett Shirey, of Muscle Shoals’ Shirey Ice Cream, have circulated the internet. His ire, it seems, was the result of the Boy Scouts considering a change to their anti-LGBT policies. On Jan. 28, […]


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Trump Wins Presidency

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2016 Presidential Election by County
U.S. Congressional Representation
Critical Numbers
Percentage of workforce
AL 5.4%
US 5.0%
GA 4.9%
MS 6.0%
SNAP Recipients
Receiving food stamps
AL 17.1%
US 13.6%
GA 16.5%
MS 18.6%
Uninsured Rate
Without health insurance coverage
AL 10.3%
US 8.6%
GA 13.85%
MS 12.69%
Graduation Rate
Among public high schools
AL 86%
US 82%
GA 73%
MS 78%
Life Expectancy
As percentage of national average
AL 75.4
US 79.3
GA 77.2
MS 75
College Graduates
Bachelor degree or higher
AL 23.1%
US 29.3%
GA 28.3%
MS 20.4%