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Monday, May 20th, 2019   |   Español

House Democrats’ Legislative Agenda

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From the Alabama House Democratic Caucus

Job Creation and Retention

1)     Alabama First Act

Priority will be given to state-based businesses when awarding government and public works contracts

 2)     Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act

Requires job commitments from businesses before they can receive tax incentives or subsidies. Requires clawback provisions if job commitments are not fulfilled within five years. Requires business to stay in the state and maintain committed employment levels for five years.

 3)     Workforce Development and Training Act

Allows the Alabama Public School and College Authority to sell and assume $20 million in bonds to help fund the Department of Post-Secondary Education’s workforce development training program.

 4)     Create a line item in the ETF for the state’s dual enrollment program

Would put $5 million minimum per year for next five years into the program. Would provide for the line item by repealing the teacher liability insurance program created in 2013.


1)     Repeal the Accountability Act and put the remaining funds into the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative.

2)     6% pay raises for educators, state employees and retirees.

 2a) $1 Cigarette tax increase to shore up the $100 million hole in Medicaid and provide for the pay raises for state employees and retirees.

 3)     Create a state lottery to fund scholarships for students who maintain an A/B average and to put a resource officer in every public school in the state.

4)     Repeal the Rolling Reserve Act.


1)     Any elected official who resigns mid-term will be required to pay for the special election to fill their seat unless they resign due to health reasons or because they were appointed or elected to state or federal office.

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