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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019   |   Español

House of Byrnes

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Is Alabama’s new, premier political family anything like “House of Cards” characters: Frank and Claire Underwood? You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment…

Bradley Byrne is like Frank Underwood

Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-01)

Bradley Byrne is a cunning, sharp United States Congressman from South Alabama. On top of his equally thin hairline, Rep. Bryne stays true to his southern roots and during his short time in Congress, he’s already holding his own with his northern counterparts. A lawyer by trade, Bradley Byrne took on the Alabama Education Association and his battle cry has always been “I won’t back down.” Congressman Byrne loves his district more than sharks love blood.

Congressman Frank Underwood (SC-05)

Frank underwood is a cunning, sharp United States Congressman (SPOILER — turned Vice President) from South Carolina. During Season One, Frank is majority whip in the House of Representatives. Underwood is also a lawyer by trade, and took on the American Federation of Teachers in Season One, Episodes 5 and 6.  Underwood, like many southern boys, is slow with his words but fast on his feet.

Rebecca Byrne is like Claire Underwood

Rebecca Byrne, President & CEO, Community Foundation of South Alabama

Rebecca Byrne is a dynamic Congressman’s wife. You won’t catch her wasting away the day at the country club, but instead, she has become a non-profit powerhouse. Mrs. Byrne is currently the executive director for United Way of Baldwin County, where she is most-recently credited with increasing grants for the non-profit by more than $700,000. Just announced today, however, is that Mrs. Byrne has been named the new president and CEO of the Community Foundation of South Alabama. Mrs. Byrne is a mover and a shaker… We’re guessing she likes irons, but she loves fire.

Claire Underwood, Executive Director, Clean Water Initiative

Claire Underwood is point-for-point every bit as dedicated and resolute as her husband. She is executive director and lobbyist for The Clean Water Initiative and throughout Season One, she is a ruthless fundraiser for her cause. Together with her husband Frank (whom she calls “Francis”), Claire is a major player in their ever-powerful relationship. She’s not really the sort of enemy you want to make.

Alex Schriver is like Doug Stamper

Alex Schriver, Chief of Staff

Alex Schriver is an incredibly calculated chief of staff and Congressman Byrne’s right hand man. At age 25, he is one of the youngest chiefs, ever. He was very influential working on Byrne’s previous gubernatorial campaign, ran his congressional campaign, and served as Director of the College Republicans national group in between the two. Alex is the Byrnes’ chief problem solver and master strategist. Upward mobility has a ceiling with the Byrnes… Alex is that ceiling.

Doug Stamper, Chief of Staff

Doug Stamper is a unique chief of staff to Congressman Underwood. If there’s a problem to be solved, Stamper is on it. Often times, he operates unilaterally without direction from Underwood, because Underwood trusts him that much. As Underwood’s power and influence increases, so does Doug’s. Sometimes, for his job, he has to put fear into other people.

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