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Every Dog Gets Its Day … at the PETA Killing Grounds

  |   By: Dave Folk     |   Opinion

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals loves three things: assaulting people with paint, advocating for animals to have constitutional rights and murdering puppies. Boy, do they LOVE some puppy genocide.

I don’t know if puppies and kittens are more or less adorable while being killed, but PETA has more than enough evidence to tell us all the answer. You see, PETA advocates for something that they are shockingly bad at: keeping animals alive.

Since 1998 PETA has euthanized more than 30,000 animals according the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and they’ve only taken in slightly more animals than that figure.

If you give PETA your puppy there is a 90% chance the organization is going to kill it. You would have better odds of seeing it again if you let Lenny from “Of Mice and Men” pet sit for you. Heck, I bet at the heyday of Michael Vick’s dog fighting he kept a higher percentage of his dogs alive.

Doing anything at a 90% rate is impressive. Many consider Michael Jordan to be the best basketball player of all time (Wilt Chamberlain is [editor's note: Nope, Michael Jordan is]) , and he didn’t even make 50% of his shots. Yet PETA kills 90% of every non-human that is donated to it.

The organization claims that the animals it is given are in such dire shape that the only choice left is to load them up with more barbiturates than an ’80s rock band’s tour bus and wait.

To be fair, PETA did help find homes for 66 dogs/cats/rabbits last year. With annual donations above 30 million, of course. Without taking into account paying actresses to pose near nude for publicity, that math works out to be around a half million per adopted animal. The government is more efficient with its money- note: the government is not efficient with its money.

Seriously think about those numbers. With how publicized PETA is, it is only able to get 66 animals per year adopted. With how much money PETA takes in, in donations it is only able to get 66 animals per year adopted.

I understand that much of PETA’s efforts go towards increasing awareness, but shouldn’t the organization lead by example. Obviously some animals are going to be given to them in such bad shape that the only humane thing to do is put the animal down. But more than 90% of the animals? I find it very hard to believe that over 90% of the animals they are given are in that shape.

This isn’t some hidden problem either, PETA knows it looks so bad the organization has explained its puppy-killing mission on its website. How can we take moral guidance from an organization that proudly touts how many animals it kills?

Rather than give your charitable donation to a big, popular, sexy, animal-killin’ option like PETA; why not give it to a local animal shelter where your money has a better chance of being put to good use.

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Dave Folk is a yankee transplant living in Birmingham, Alabama.